OmniLux® NAL® - World’s First Natural Accommodation Lens
OmniLux® NAL® – World’s First Natural Accommodation Lens

OmniLux® NAL® HD Digital Lenses is a new concept in multifocal vision. It is not a bifocal, trifocal or progressive (PAL Progressive Addition Lenses) lens. 
Lenses provide a Single Vision viewing experience with continuous, sharp, natural vision at any gaze from distance to near without waves or distortions. There is no adaptation period.

OmniLux® NAL® Technology Benefits:

OmniLux® NAL® Technology Benefits
The NAL®  funnel shape design allows for the wide intermediate zone free of lateral astigmatism and peripheral distortion and the swim effect of PAL designs.

Visual fields are funnel shape rather than hourglass shape smoothly connected visual fields provide natural vision from distance to near.

Wide inter-mediate visual field provides effortless mid-range navigation. 

Comfortable near reading vision.

OmniLux® NAL® design
OmniLux® NAL® design
The design backbone has mathematically created curvature based on natural downward gaze focal length deceleration requirements derived from their unique eye/lens interaction ergonomic model and extensive PAL fitting data. The focal length deceleration curve addresses natural accommodation requirements from 6 meters (20′)  to 35 cm (1′ 4″) along a continuous, smooth focal length deceleration ramp.

An added benefit to the OmniLux® NAL® – competitive advantage

We have all witnessed the growth of online prescription eyewear sales. However, you may not know that online sales of PALs have lagged due to measurement requirements and adaptation issues. While we all watch a hybrid approach to prescription eyewear sales evolve that will undoubtedly involve a combination of online and brick-and-mortar, the NAL® makes the inclusion of e-commerce in the ECP’s multifocal retail strategy an accessible and achievable goal. The online retail space is not one to be ignored by the ECP. It is something to embrace that will expand your reach and keep you current with the new generations that expect a multi-channel experience. After all, you can capture the single wearers’ attention online, and before you know it, they will turn to you when their vision needs change, and they need multifocal lenses. Reaching out to presbyopes online with a simple and convenient multifocal solution will garner the loyalty of many a first time PAL wearer. The ECP brick-and-mortar community can now expand into the e-commerce prescription eyewear market with NAL®, with no fitting height requirement, creating a perfect opportunity to marry e-commerce and multifocal lenses. The NAL® has the potential to shift the numbers in favor of e-commerce significantly.

OmniLux® NAL® Study

OmniLux® NAL® United States Patent U.S. 11,126,012

OmniLux® NAL® US Patent Download PDF

5 thoughts on “OmniLux® NAL®”

  1. Walter was extremely helpful in answering my questions to ensure the best possible options and outcome for my order. Everything turned out great. The frames were less expensive than local shops and the Omnilux lenses just as good or better than my Varilux Comfort.

  2. Thomas Goethe

    I am very happy with these lenses. They sort of work like regular progressives in that you have “aim” your eyes by tilting your head to focus at any distance, but the sweet spot where you can do so is much larger, so you don’t have to tilt your head as precisely as you do with PAL glasses. Due to a spinal fusion in my neck, this is a huge advantage as there are certain neck positions that are very uncomfortable. This makes reading a lot easier as well as working on the computer, particularly when using documents laying in front of the monitor or by the keyboard. With PAL glasses, I had been removing my glasses to see the screen and having to put them back on to read the document. Huge hassle! I can just wear the OmniLux and motor on. They also work well for using a camera or other optical devices as well as for driving. When using an optical device, it is far easier to get aligned behind it and focus than with PAL glasses where you often have to finesse the right spot of the glasses lens onto the viewfinder to be able to focus the device. I really like them. As my Navy friends say, Bravo Zulu to Michael for making them.

  3. Great quality lenses! Purchased Omnilux with transition lenses. Liked so much that I bought another pair.
    Highly Recommended!

  4. This was my first pair of Omnilux lenses. Absolutely amazing!!! My eyes adjusted to the new lenses within 10 minutes. The next day had perfect far vision to drive and perfect near vision to provide to perform precise operations at work such as placing an epidural. Wish I got these earlier.

  5. I was really skeptical about this OmniLux lens, which promised “continuous, sharp, natural vision at any gaze from distance to near without waves or distortions. There is no adaptation period.” I had tried progressive lens twice, and each time had to abandon it because I wasn’t able to adapt. I finally had to settle on ‘occupational computer lens’ which would allow me to see intermediate to near distant.

    All I can say is ‘Wow!!’. I’m a believer. These lens are amazing. More importantly, I don’t have to painfully look for that ‘sweet spot’ for intermediate vision. I sent in my existing Charmant rimless frame to have these OmniLux lens mounted on. The final product was nothing short of exceptional. From the time I sent in my frame to the time I received it back, it was exactly 2 weeks, even though they had to customize my lens shape, which was different from the demo lens on the frame. Lastly, the cost of this amazing lens was still over $100 cheaper than the progressive I paid at my local optical store. This will be the only place I will get my lens going forward. Highly recommended.

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