OmniLux® HD Digital Lenses is a new concept in multifocal vision. It is not a bifocal, trifocal or progressive (PAL Progressive Addition Lenses) lens. 

OmniLux® is the World’s First NAL™ (Natural Accommodation Lens) lens.
Lenses provide a Single Vision viewing experience with continuous, sharp, natural vision at any gaze from distance to near without waves or distortions. There is no adaptation period.



OmniLux® NAL™ Technology Benefits:

nal pal

Visual fields are funnel shape rather than hourglass shape smoothly connected visual fields provide natural vision from distance to near.

Wide inter-mediate visual field provides effortless mid-range navigation. 

Comfortable near reading vision.




3 thoughts on “OmniLux®”

  1. I was really skeptical about this OmniLux lens, which promised “continuous, sharp, natural vision at any gaze from distance to near without waves or distortions. There is no adaptation period.” I had tried progressive lens twice, and each time had to abandon it because I wasn’t able to adapt. I finally had to settle on ‘occupational computer lens’ which would allow me to see intermediate to near distant.

    All I can say is ‘Wow!!’. I’m a believer. These lens are amazing. More importantly, I don’t have to painfully look for that ‘sweet spot’ for intermediate vision. I sent in my existing Charmant rimless frame to have these OmniLux lens mounted on. The final product was nothing short of exceptional. From the time I sent in my frame to the time I received it back, it was exactly 2 weeks, even though they had to customize my lens shape, which was different from the demo lens on the frame. Lastly, the cost of this amazing lens was still over $100 cheaper than the progressive I paid at my local optical store. This will be the only place I will get my lens going forward. Highly recommended.

  2. This was my first pair of Omnilux lenses. Absolutely amazing!!! My eyes adjusted to the new lenses within 10 minutes. The next day had perfect far vision to drive and perfect near vision to provide to perform precise operations at work such as placing an epidural. Wish I got these earlier.

  3. Great quality lenses! Purchased Omnilux with transition lenses. Liked so much that I bought another pair.
    Highly Recommended!

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