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Lens replacement is a great choice if you:Have a frame you love with old scratched lenses.Have a good frame that is missing lenses.Have a new prescription and you want to keep your existing frame.Found a great antique frame you want to use.Purchased a new frame which you need prescription lenses.Want the highest quality prescription lenses at the lowest price.


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1. Enter Prescription
Enter the details below as they appear on your prescription from your doctor.
Leave 0.00 or None If the prescription is empty.
Glasses prescription are different from contact lens prescription.

    General use lens.

    $ 0


    Reading Glasses

    $ 0

  • OmniLux®

    OmniLux® HD Digital Multifocal Lens With Single Vision Experience

    $ 65


    Combined Distance, intermediate & Reading
    No Line

    $ 65


    Combined Distance & Reading

    $ 55


    Non-Prescription Fashion Lenses
    Polycarbonate With
    AR coating

    $ 45

  • Bifocal No Line

    Duolux® Bifocal No Line Combined Distance & Reading

    $ 65


- No prescription information necessary for non-prescription glasses -

Sphere (SPH)
Cylinder (CYL)

(Tips:Very Important to have PD for RX lenses)
( +$30.00 )
Upload Prescription
Upload a photo of prescription to your account. Let Finest Glasses verify your prescription to make correct lens.

Upload Prescription Photo

1.Your Prescription
Glasses prescription are different from contact lens prescription.
Sphere (SPH)
Cylinder (CYL)
Addition (near)

Prescription Image

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2.Select Lenses Thickness Compare Lenses
Based on the values in your prescription, we try to recommend the lens that will give you the optimum vision correction and thinness of lens. We do not recommend more expensive high index lenses if we do not think it will result in a noticeably thinner lens, though you are free to choose any lens available. The recommended lens will always be clear.
  • CR-39

    1.50 Standard Lens
    Abbe: 58 Very Good

    $ 55


  • Trivex

    Index 1.53
    Abbe: 43 Good
    Impact resistant

    $ 85


  • Polycarbonate

    Index 1.59
    Abbe value: 32 Just OK
    Impact resistant

    $ 70


  • 1.60 HIGH-INDEX

    Abbe: 34 Good AR coating recommended. 35-40% Thinner than Standard*

    $ 99


  • 1.67 HIGH-INDEX

    50% Thinner than Standard

    $ 110


  • 1.74 HIGH-INDEX

    65% Thinner than Standard

    $ 165


3.Now to enhance your lens Compare Coating
Pick your add-ons below.
  • NO AR Coating

    NO AR Coating

    ✓ NO Anti-Reflective
    ✓ Scratch Resistant Coating

    $ 0


  • Premium AR Coating

    Premium AR Coating

    ✓ Premium AR
    ✓ UV Protection
    ✓ Scratch Resistant Coating

    $ 35


  • Super Hydrophobic AR

    Super Hydrophobic AR Coating

    ✓ Super Hydrophobic AR
    ✓ UV Protection
    ✓ Scratch Resistant Coating

    $ 50




    ✓ Blue Blocker (Digital Light Protection)
    ✓ UV Protection
    ✓ Super Hydrophobic AR
    ✓ Scratch Coating

    $ 80


  • Photochromic


    ✓ XTRActive®
    ✓ Scratch Resistant Coating

    $ 99


  • Sunglasses


    Choose from:
    - Tint
    - Gradient Tint

    ✓ Scratch-resistant coating

    $ 0


15.00 20 $

Product Price with lens options: $: 15.00

Selected Lenses Price Only $:

Price after discount on Lenses (20%) $: 20

Total Cart Product Price After Discount $:

Lens Replacement for New or Old Eyeglasses Frame

How do I replace, or get new lenses for my frames?

Option #1 (You have your prescription & know what lenses you want.)

    1. Complete the form below selecting your frame type, lenses, options,
      prescription, and PD (Pupillary Distance).
    2. Your total price will be shown at the bottom of the order form.
    3. Order and pay for your new lenses.
    4. Mail your frame to:
      9103 132nd Avenue North
      Largo, FL 33773
    5. Your new lenses will be custom made in our own specialty optical lab,
      inspected, and fitted into your frame.
    6. In 2 to 5 business days from the time we receive your frame,
      your frame with your new lenses will be shipped back to you.

Option #2 (Don’t know your prescription, and/or which lenses would be best for you)

    1. If your frame has lenses with the prescription you want to use, then fill out the form following the instructions above. When we receive your glasses, we will read the prescription from your old lenses and replicate the prescription for your new lenses.
    2. If you need help in deciding which type of lenses would be best for you, please call Customer Service at 1 888 712-8345. We will discuss your needs and provide you with a quote before you send in your lenses.
Weight 8 oz


Rim Type

Full Rim, Rimless, Semi Rimless

45 reviews for Lens Replacement

  1. Jayson

    So easy and convenient. First time and definitely using again.

  2. Deanna

    Very affordable, great lenses, and fast service.

  3. Rene

    Right on the money.

  4. Robert

    I love my glasses. You did a great job with new lenses!! Thank you!

  5. Jen D.

    I am very pleased with new lenses, great prices, fantastic customer service. Highly recommended!

  6. tr


  7. GARY

    Love the look of these new sun lenses. The vision is excellent. Definitely recommend these!

  8. Ronnie

    Fantastic lenses and fast!

  9. tyuytutyutyutyutyu


  10. Cara

    Great price, good selection.

  11. Ronnie

    They are very, very good quality progressive lenses with anti-glare coating! Glad I ordered from BestNewGlasses.com

  12. Natalie

    Extremely happy to have my three favorite pairs of glasses again! Had old frames that I really loved, but I couldn’t find a local business that would replace the lenses. I was so happy to find BestNewGlasses – Lens Replacement because the service was amazing, very easy, and very inexpensive.

  13. Carolyn

    Just wanted you to know how pleased I am with my new glasses. So glad I found you as no one wanted to use my frames. Can’t believe you were only 30 minutes away.
    Many thanks to Anthony, he was patient and helpful during the entire process.
    Thank you again, Carolyn

  14. Steve

    I just wanted to say thank you.
    The new lenses are great and saved me a lot!

  15. Deborah

    Easy to order, fast shipping, great selection, not expensive at all and prescription was perfect! Will be using this site for all my future eyewear needs.

  16. B Wood

    Let me save you a lot of time trying to get a better deal on lenses and frames – you can’t. I’ve done the research and the searching. I am happy to have found bestnewglasses.com. I have had glasses for over 30 years and I am impressed with the quality and service they provide. They have gone above and beyond for me, and I will continue to be a customer and send new ones their way.

  17. Bu Cha

    I like my pair of glasses made by this co. It is perfect craftsmanship and very high quality at reasonable price. Above all, my pair of glasses was well made to the prescription and it fits to my eyes well. I can see well.

  18. Jemes

    I receive glasses and am so glad I did. Thank you, Great job.

  19. Mr. Magoo (verified owner)

    This company is completely professional. My lenses were replaced perfectly. From my first contact with customer support (Walter) I couldn’t find the right discount code, so he just said he would take the extra amount off on receipt of my payment, he did immediately refund the discountto my PayPal account.. I would use these guys again and recommend to friends

  20. Neil Y (verified owner)

    Cost was half that of local retailers for lens replacement. Must include cost of shipping frames to FL lab ($7 USPS “If it fits, it ships!”). Quick turnaround time. Return shipping included in price. Seem to be quality product. Glad to have glasses back.
    Only drawback is now I have no technician to adjust the glasses to my face. Is it fair to ask my optician when I didn’t buy the product from them?
    Other than that issue, I am very satisfied.

  21. David

    Happy with the lenses, price and service.

  22. Brooks (verified owner)

    I had a few issues that were all my fault. Walter to care of them all at a fair price and super fast turn around.
    I would recommend them to anyone.

  23. JP

    As someone who is very nearsighted (-12/-11.5), I couldn’t be happier with my new glasses. Perfectly even vision throughout the entire lens which has been a problem in the past for me with my glasses. Balanced comfortable fit. So nice to wear during a long shift at work without the eye fatigue I’ve experienced in the past. Will alway get my future glasses from you guys.

  24. Olga (verified owner)

    I got my glasses refitted for lenses and they came back completely undamaged and as perfect fits in less time than estimated! I had to pay for the shipping there myself, but the shipping back was free. Great value!

  25. Gaye

    Really Pleased with the quality

  26. Dentish (verified owner)

    Simple process to get new lenses in existing frames. The quality of finished product was excellent. There were no issues. Cost savings were significant compared to locally obtained glasses. We will use BESTNEWGLASSES again. Very highly recommended.

  27. Tracey

    Very nice will be ordering from you guys again.

  28. Katheryn

    Thank you so so so much.
    This is my second order.
    I really satisfied with your lenses and service, I will order again here.
    Thank you

  29. Rick

    Thank you so much for taking the time to provide a excellent service.

  30. Michael

    Recently purchased lens replacement. The price was $300 cheaper then what I would of paid at my doctor’s office. The process was simple and easy.

  31. Janet

  32. Poul

    They did a great job on my new lenses. Glad to have my favorite frames back with my new prescription.

  33. Arthur

    Great on new lenses in my Ray-Ban frames. Shipped fast and the glasses are perfect. Will use for my sunglasses.

  34. William

    Great Experience. I ordered progressive lenses for a pair of frames I had. Process was easy, quick, prescription was perfect all for a 1/3 of what my eye doctor wanted to charge me!!

  35. Phil

    Was pleasantly surprised with the service and quality of my new lenses.

  36. Carol

    I forgot to include my order or order # in the frames I sent. They responded quickly and shipped quickly also. My new lenses are perfect!

  37. Matthew

    Was extremely satisfied with the quality of the glasses. Quick turnaround time and a great price to.

  38. Jean

    Released my favorite pair perfectly – fast service and a nice case and lens = cleaner.

  39. Ttinwalz (verified owner)

    The process of ordering was easy. Glasses arrived quickly and were perfect.

  40. Bonnie

    Always dependable service. Order arrives when promised.

  41. Lawrence

    I was a little hesitant about ordering lens replacement for my old Ray Ban glasses, but once I received them I was impressed.
    Prescription was perfect with Omnilux lenses.

  42. Brittany

    I love these Omnilux (Progressive) lenses. Great job getting the orders done and shipped.

  43. Avecire (verified owner)

    I was really skeptical about this OmniLux lens, which promised “continuous, sharp, natural vision at any gaze from distance to near without waves or distortions. There is no adaptation period.” I had tried progressive lens twice, and each time had to abandon it because I wasn’t able to adapt. I finally had to settle on ‘occupational computer lens’ which would allow me to see intermediate to near distant.

    All I can say is ‘Wow!!’. I’m a believer. These lens are amazing. More importantly, I don’t have to painfully look for that ‘sweet spot’ for intermediate vision. I sent in my existing Charmant rimless frame to have these OmniLux lens mounted on. The final product was nothing short of exceptional. From the time I sent in my frame to the time I received it back, it was exactly 2 weeks, even though they had to customize my lens shape, which was different from the demo lens on the frame. Lastly, the cost of this amazing lens was still over $100 cheaper than the progressive I paid at my local optical store. This will be the only place I will get my lens going forward. Highly recommended.

  44. David

    Great customer Service and good quality lenses.

  45. Shannon

    Really pleased with the transition lenses. Good value for money!

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Single Vision Single vision lenses are prescribed if you need correction for one field of vision, either for distance, intermediate (computer), or items up close (near vision). Single vision has the same optical focal point or correction over the entire area of the lens.


OmniLux® HD Digital is a new concept in multifocal vision. It is not a bifocal, trifocal or progressive (PAL) lens. Omnilux™ is the World’s First NAL™ (Natural Accommodation Lens) lens. Lenses provide a Single Vision viewing experience with continuous, sharp, natural vision at any gaze from distance to near without waves or distortions. There is no adaptation period. Click here for more
Progressive LUXVIEW® HD Digital – Provide a smooth transition from distance correction to near correction, eliminating segment lines and allowing clear vision at all distances, including intermediate.
Bifocal Flat Top 28mm Bifocal lenses are used for distance and near vision correction with a separating line at the near vision / reading segment. The upper part of the lens is generally used for distance vision, while the lower part is used for near vision, with a flat 28mm line separating the reading segment.
Bifocal Flat Top 35mm Bifocal lenses are used for distance and near vision correction with a separating line at the near vision / reading segment. The upper part of the lens is generally used for distance vision, while the lower part is used for near vision with a flat 35mm line separating the reading segment.
Bifocal RD 22mm A Bifocal lens with a round 22mm reading segment – less visible in the lens.
Trifocal Flat Top 7×28 Similar to bifocals, except that the two focal areas are separated by a third middle area with intermediate focus correction with a 28mm line separating the reading segments on two parts.
Trifocal Flat Top 8×35 Similar to Trifocal Flat Top 8×28


Plastic CR-39 CR-39 lenses, also know as plastic lenses, are one of the most common, low cost, scratch resistance material for lenses.
Trivex Optically superior to Polycarbonate, with impact resistant, and inherent UV protection. Recommended for children & teenager’s, and for rimless (drillable) frames.
Lenses made with Trivex material are a great choice for anyone who leads an active life and expects clear, crisp vision correction, lightweight comfort and protection from their eyewear. AR coating recommended
Polycarbonate 25% thinner & lighter than CR-39 plastic lenses. Impact resistant. AR coating recommended
Mid Index 1.56 20% thinner & lighter than normal plastic. AR coating recommended
High Index 1.6 30% thinner & lighter than normal plastic. Recommenced for rimless frames. AR coating recommended.
High Index 1.67 40% thinner & lighter than normal plastic. AR coating recommended.
High Index 1.74 Ultra thin. 50% thinner & lighter than normal plastic. AR coating recommended.
Transition® Activated by UV rays and sunlight. Clear indoors, automatically adjusting darker with changing light.
Transitions® XTRActive® Extra dark outdoors to protect from the brightest sun, even in the hottest conditions.
Hint of Tint – Transitions® XTRActive® do not become completely clear indoors. There is a slight tint.
Polarized® Increase color contrast and block blinding glare. Great for boaters and fishermen.


Anti Reflective (AR) Anti-reflective coating (also called AR coating or anti-glare coating) improves both your vision through your lenses and the appearance of your eyeglasses.
Most premium anti-reflective coatings include a “Hydrophobic AR” surface layer that prevents water spots from forming and makes the lenses easier to clean. Some AR coatings also include an “Super Hydrophobic AR” surface layer that repels skin oils and makes it easier to remove smudges from the lenses.
Premium AR Hydrophobic AR coatings helps prevent water spots from forming and make lenses easier to clean.
Super Hydrophobic AR Super Hydrophobic AR coatings helps prevent water spots from forming, repels skin oils, and makes it easier to remove smudges from the lenses.
Tint Add style to your lenses with color.


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